Friday, August 9, 2013

Dawn of the Apocalypse is 99cents on Amazon!

Great news! Dawn of the Apocalypse is finally on Amazon, for only 99cents! SO go get it now, because it's a limited time offer!

Also, the author of DAWN (me) will be engaging in a live chat sometime today! So follow @bloggerESP on Twitter to see when!

And for those who don't know everything about Dawn of the Apocalypse, click the tab above that says "The Book."

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dawn of the Apocalypse Excerpts Available Free!

For #DAWNOFTHEAPOCALYPSE excerpts, for the price of a tweet or facebook message. To claim your downloadable excepts,

  • Click the widget.

  • When directed to a SendSpace link, click "Click to Download File from Sendspace"
And you're done! SO click that widget so you can get to reading!

Friday, August 2, 2013

What People Are Saying

What are people saying about Dawn of the Apocalypse?

"Move over zombie apocalypses, the gargoyles are taking over. " Unabridged Bookshelf Book Blog
"Dawn Of The Apocalypse is a novel full of grit, action, blood and never forgetting the should get your hands on this one!" Emily at Fluttereal Flight Blog

Dawn of the Apocalypse Book Trailer!!!

Here is the official book trailer for Dawn of the Apocalypse! 

Dawn of the Apocalypse Book Teaser

Here is a short teaser for #DAWNOFTHEAPOCALYPSE!